Congrats (Imus, Cavite)

Congratulations for taking the first step to financial education!

In a few minutes, you will receive, an E-Ticket email.

If you do not receive the e-ticket, please check your spam mail in case it got over-enthusiastic and discarded our mails.  If you can’t find it, please write to or send a text message to 0-917-502-4556.

The e-ticket will contain directions to the venue, and contact information for additional information.

Invite your family and friends to join the seminar! Please ask them to fill in the form at:

The seminar will be conducted by the TrulyRichMakers team, and NOT by Bro. Bo Sanchez. We are sort of like “disciples” of Bro. Bo Sanchez, who is a director in our organization, in spreading financial literacy; we amplify his teachings and supplement the info with practical applications.

The Free “Building Your Future” seminar will discuss:

  • Challenging Future
  • Control Your Future
  • Do You Know How Money Works
  • Do You Know About Savings and Investments?
  • Do You Know About Life Insurance
  • Do You Know About Long Term Health Care
  • Do You Know About the High Cost of Education?
  • Protecting Your Future

After the seminar, you can apply for  IMG membership.

IMG members enjoy many benefits:

  • Lifetime Financial Education Workshop
  • Lifetime Financial Check-up
  • Discount on Major Real Estate
  • Asset Preservation Service
  • ZERO Load on Top Mutual Funds
  • Discounts on Car/Home Insurance
  • Access & Discounts on Life/Health Protection & Services
  • Access to Investment/Retirement Products
  • Build a Business in the Financial Industry
  • Subsidized Travel to Different Countries

See you at the Free Financial Seminar in Imus, Cavite!

Coach Bobet and Mary Ann

The TrulyRichMakers Team

9 thoughts on “Congrats (Imus, Cavite)

  1. Anna Rowena Ureta

    I have a fiancial problem now and I just I want to know if its really a FREE Semiar? I would like to come coz I need it badly……

  2. genecito

    i also just want to know if it is free and to know more about financial seminar since i have a financial trouble as well.

    1. trulyrich

      The seminar is free. Attend the seminar to create a long term plan, and increase your cash flow. We don’t perform miracles, but we can help put you in the right track!


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