Congrats (Webinar)

Congratulations for taking the first step to financial education!

In a few minutes, you will receive, an E-Ticket email.


The e-ticket will contain directions on how to join the online webinar, and contact information for additional information.

Here’s how to join the webinar:

  1. Download the zoom app now at
  2. A few minutes before the appointed date and time, click this link to the webinar
  3. Edit your name as follows: <your full name> (<your location>) – Mary Ann Prudente
    to indicate your full name, your location and who invited you (Coach Bobet and Mary Ann)

And you’re in!

House rules:
This is a public webinar, so if you have video, you can be seen by all other attendees. Please respect the other attendees by

  • using the proper name ( fullname, location , invited by)
  • use polite language
  • muting your microphone when not speaking
  • If you have video, wear decent clothes and sit down. Refrain from lying down

Invite your family and friends to join the webinar! Please ask them to fill in the form at:

The online webinar will be conducted by the TrulyRichMakers team. We are sort of like “disciples” of Bro. Bo Sanchez, who is a Senior Marketing Director in our organization, in spreading financial literacy; we amplify his teachings and supplement the info with practical applications.

The Free “Building Your Future” seminar will discuss:

  • Challenging Future
  • Control Your Future
  • How Money Works
  • Financial Concepts
  • Financial Solutions we need to understand

After the webinar, you can apply for  IMG membership.

IMG members enjoy many benefits:

  • Lifetime financial education and workshops
  • Lifetime financial check-up
  • access to financial solutions
  • discount on financial products and services
  • Build a business in the financial industry
  • Domestic and international travel opportunities

See you at the Free Financial Webinar!

The TrulyRichMakers Team

Coach Bobet and Mary Ann


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If you do not receive the e-ticket, please check your spam mail in case it got over-enthusiastic and discarded our mails.  If you can’t find it, please write to or send a text message to +63-917-502-4556.