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The seminar will be conducted by the TrulyRichMakers team, and NOT by Bro. Bo Sanchez. We are sort of like “disciples” of Bro. Bo Sanchez, who is a director in our organization, in spreading financial literacy; we amplify his teachings and supplement the info with practical applications.

The seminar will discuss:

  • Challenging Future
  • Control Your Future
  • Do You Know How Money Works
  • Do You Know About Savings and Investments?
  • Do You Know About Life Insurance
  • Do You Know About Long Term Health Care
  • Do You Know About the High Cost of Education?
  • Protecting Your Future

Apply for  IMG membership! IMG members enjoy many benefits:

  • Lifetime Financial Education Workshop
  • Lifetime Financial Check-up
  • Discount on Major Real Estate
  • Asset Preservation Service
  • ZERO Load on Top Mutual Funds
  • Discounts on Car/Home Insurance
  • Access & Discounts on Life/Health Protection & Services
  • Access to Investment/Retirement Products
  • Build a Business in the Financial Industry
  • Subsidized Travel to Different Countries

Enroll to learn!

Have you ever attended seminars and workshops, and realized after the event, that you needed answers to some questions? Have you ever wished you can attend some seminar segments again, without paying for them again?

IMG members can attend our workshops any number of times, and get answers from the mentors/trainers

  1. Workshop. Increasing Cashflow. Debt Management
    • Analyzing your expenses.
    • Determining your worth.
    • Getting out of debt.
    • Becoming your own money manager.
    • Increasing your cashflow.
  2. Workshop. Building a Strong Financial Foundation. Proper Protection.
    • The X-curve. The law of increasing money and decrasing responsibility.
    • The DIME method.
    • Types of Life Insurance
    • Long term health care
  3. Workshop. Building Wealth. Asset Accumulation.
    • Wealth Formula.
    • The Hidden Cost of Waiting.
    • The Rule of 72. Understanding Interest.
    • Peso Cost Averaging.
    • Mutual Funds.
    • Passive vs. Active Management.
    • Saving for your Children’s Education.
  4. Workshop. Retirement Planning. Wealth Preservation.
    • Retirement Income
    • Estate Planning
    • Asset Preservation
  5. Workshop. Building a Business in the Financial Industry.
    • Do you know what you want?
    • Building a New Industry
    • Solution for the New Age
    • Be Part of Something Big
    • Travel the World!

Attend Seminars, Workshops and Trainings Any Number of Times
IMG members can attend advanced classes any number of times!
IMG has advanced classes for various financial concepts, products and services to enable members to better understand them.

Product Trainings
Learn financial products, industry trends and opportunities from the providers themselves!
We have regular product training for members, from our partner-providers. Learn about:

  • mutual funds, concepts, investment strategies and market trends from Rampver Financials
  • the many advantages of long term healthcare, about the differences of short-term vs long term healthcare, the differences between regular and senior-care short term health protection products from Kaiser International.
  • life insurance, the difference betweem term, endowment, whole-life and VUL, IUL insurance from Philamlife.
  • ongoing real estate projects, real estate investment strategies from SMDC, Vista Land, DMCI and Ayala Land.
  • asset preservation, setting up family corporations, maintaining corporations, from APS.
  • many other financial products and services from the other providers.

Enroll to invest and save on financial products!

See you at the Free Financial Seminar at the

IMG Financial Center
10/F World Center Bldg (in front of Mapua Institute of Technology)
Sen. Gil Puyat Ave (formerly Buendia )

The TrulyRichMakers Team


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If you do not receive the e-ticket, please check your spam mail in case it got over-enthusiastic and discarded our mails.  If you can’t find it, please write to or send a text message to 0-917-502-4556.

Coach Bobet and Mary Ann


25 thoughts on “Congrats

    1. trulyrich Post author

      Hi Michael

      I’m afraid we do not have Monday seminars in Makati. We have Monday seminars in Quezon City, Calamba and San Mateo, Rizal. Would you like to attend in these locations?


  1. Armando Arboleda

    hi! i’m armando arboleda may I request to send me e-ticket, I want to attend this coming oct 28 tuesday. this is my e-mail add [ email hidden ] thanks & God bless

    1. trulyrich Post author

      Hi Armando,

      After registration, our automated system will send a confirmation mail to your stated email address. This could take up to 12 hours. Please look for it ( maybe it ended up in your spam folder? ) You MUST click on the confirm link to get the eTicket. This is to ensure that the real owner of the email address made the registration request.

      We will also send a reminder email to you a day or two before the event, which you could print and use as your eTicket.


    1. trulyrich Post author

      Clarification lang. The seminar will be conducted by the TrulyRichMakers team, and NOT by Bro. Bo Sanchez. We are sort of like “disciples” of Bro. Bo (who is a director in our organization) in spreading financial literacy and we amplify his teachings and supplement the info with practical applications.

    1. trulyrich Post author

      So sorry I missed this comment. You could register again, or send a note to the email address indicated in your eTicket/email.

  2. joel antonio jr.

    A big thank you to does people who helping other people to be wise in growing their own financial knowledge. God bless!

    1. trulyrich Post author

      We are passionate in our mission, and want to tell everyone the secrets of the wealthy, so that everyone may grow wealthy too. No Family Left Behind!

    1. trulyrich Post author

      Just remember that after you start with your education, you will get real value only if you proceed with execution.
      Start now!
      The best time to invest is YESTERDAY!
      The next best time to invest is NOW!
      The worst time to invest is TOMORROW!

  3. Janice Ley Pacete

    Hi! I have confirmed this seminar but was really intending to attend the Feb 7 2pm schedule not the 7pm. Failed to notice the time earlier. Is there any chance I can move this slot for the 2pm schedule?

  4. joan g. pabello

    Hi nagregister po me ngayon pra sa april 16, 2015 na seminar sa makati but while browsing meron po pala kayung sa san mateo rizal branch kung saan mas malapit po kami dito kami montalban rizal maari po bang dun nalang kami umattend isasama ko po ang asawa ko…sana po makaattend kami before kami bumalik ng dubai.salamat po

    1. trulyrich Post author

      Pwede pong lumipat ng venue. Ang Makati seminars po namin ay minsan masikip, lalo na pag Sabado.
      Mas maganda nga po ang seminars sa ibang venues, kasi mas kaunti ang uma-attend, kaya mas madali mag-tanong sa speakers.


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