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Kumusta na po kayo? We hope you are doing well.

Maraming salamat po sa pag-attend ng aming FREE seminar at Caby’s Cabana last May 9, 2015,
Nais po namin sana kayong imbitahan na sumali sa amin sa International Marketing Group para mas maraming matutunan tungkol sa pera at maging maginhawa ang buhay.

Sana ay malinaw naming naipakita sa inyo ang mga concepts ng Financial Planning at building a solid Financial Foundation, ang pag-gawa ng maliliit na pagtitipid para tayo ay makapag-save at invest. At pinaka-importante, sana ay na-realize ninyo na financial independence is not a dream, it is a decision.

We hope you have decided to start your journey to financial freedom. Remember time is our most precious resource; we can always get more money, but we can not get more time in this world. During the seminar, we learned about the Prosperity Formula, so I hope we begin giving 10% as tithe to our spiritual community, save and invest at least 20% of what we make, and live on what remains.

To some, this does not seem very easy to do, but we know that small changes and decisions today, can make a big impact on our future. We all have dreams and visions of what we want for our future and probably want to live long, happy, healthy, comfortable and significant lives. Maybe we want to go on a dream vacation and retire without financial worries.

We can choose a bright future with financial independence, or an uncertain future not knowing what will happen to us when we retire and grow old. It starts with a decision today. We highly recommend, and urge you to start now and take the next step.

You can start now by joining the International Marketing Group and learn with a lifetime access to many seminar series.
We will be conducting two seminars FOR MEMBERS ONLY:

  • FastStart School
    Welcome to IMG. How to help others while increasing your cash flow
    Saturday, Jun 27, 2015, 4:00 – 6:00 pm
    Venue: Jollibee, Plaza (beside Caby’s Cabana)
  • Mutual Fund 101
    How to invest long term savings in safe investment vehicles
    Basic concepts, benefits and risks associated with Mutual Funds. How to evaluate which Mutual Fund products are most suitable for investors given their financial goals and personal preferences.
    Ideal for newbie investors seeking to diversify their investments but have no time to study all the products in the market.
    Sunday, Jun 28, 2015, 2:00 – 4:00pm
    Venue: McDonald’s Magsaysay Ave.

Join IMG by applying for membership and paying a lifetime membership fee of P3,700.

You can start now by owning a level 1 investment instrument to provide you with short term health care for the next few years, and long term health care when you grow old, an instrument that gives your loved ones life insurance benefits in case you pass away early, and that gives you an investment you can use when you grow old.

You can start now by opening a level 2 investment account with reputable mutual fund companies like Philam Asset Management, Inc ( PAMI of Philamlife Group of companies), First Metro Asset Management Inc ( FAMI of Metrobank Group) and Philequity Equities Management Inc (PEMI, investment manager of the Philippines’ best performing mutual fund, PhilEquity Fund) . You can start with as little as P5,000 initial investment, and at least P1,000 in additional investments.

You can start now by sharing this with friends, relatives and acquaintance who may directly or indirectly depend financially on you, so that they too can start saving and investing.

If you are ready to start, please click on this link to join
Join Now!

We will be conducting the same FREE seminar you attended at Caby’s Cabana, on June 27, 2015.  You can share what your learned by inviting your family and friends to learn basic money management in the seminar.

  • Practical Money Management Techniques
    How to save and invest
    Saturday, June 27, 2015
    Venue: Jollibee, Plaza (beside Caby’s Cabana)

We recommend you start doing all three (join IMG, own level 1 investments, and share), and by doing so:

  • join our fight against poverty by helping others achieve financial freedom
  • be your own financial services broker, and s
  • save on financial services costs by being your own broker and your own financial adviser.
  • be surrounded by positive friends who will be with your own personal journey to financial freedom
  • build your own business franchise as a financial services brokerage organization using a simple, clear, fast and doable business system

Secure your financial future and retire early! JOIN us, OWN your level 1 investment plan and SHARE our mission to help create wealth for your families. The business is an opportunity to earn exponential income so you can achieve your financial goals faster! The potential is so HUGE! We can grow the business with no territorial limits. The entire world is our MARKET.

And we can grow your business and by working today in your spare time to make money, we will in the future have passive income and make money work for us.

The best person to take care of your money is you! We want you to take charge and not put your future in the hands of others! Move your money to a higher rate of return so it will GROW and work for you in the future!

Investing in a McDonalds or Jollibee franchise will cost upwards of P15 million without guarantee of success, or protection against additional expenses/costs/losses. We simply ask you to invest in yourself with minimal costs:

  • Are you willing to invest a P3,700 one-time-tuition fee in your financial education?
  • Are you willing to invest as low as P2,647 per month for seven years to get short term health protection if you encounter medical problems in the near future, and long term health care when you retire, instant cash (insurance) for your loved ones if you pass away early and cash for your future needs when you grow old?
  • Are you willing to invest some spare time, to help your friends, relatives and acquaintances, so that you can earn additional income in your own business franchise? So that you can have passive income when you grow old and comfortably retire together with loved ones?
  • Are you willing to invest in yourself and take the next step?

If you answer yes to any of these, and begin your journey towards financial independence, allow us to coach you in the journey.  Please click on this link to join
Join Now!

We will be here to help you achieve your BIG DREAMS!! If you have any questions or clarifications, do let us know!

Vision without action is daydreaming
Action without vision can turn into a nightmare.
Take the next step and turn your vision into your future reality!
Please do not hesitate to ask us!

Regards and cheers,

Bobet and Mary Ann
Your Financial Coaches @ The Truly Rich Makers Team
International Marketing Group
Mobile: 0917-502-4557 / 0917-502-4556

To join, please click on this link
Join Now!

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Read these articles and download the PDFs to get a better understanding about IMG, our TrulyRichMakers Team and the Kaiser Ultimate Health Builder plan

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