Are You Ready – Understand Inflation

Saving is NOT enough!
Someone is slowly stealing your money.
His name is INFLATION.
Inflation is slowly stealing your money!
Most banks today give you an interest of 0.2% for savings account, and slightly less than 1% for time deposit account. This is not enough to fight inflation, which is eroding the buying power of your savings at 5% per year.

If you save P100,000 in a bank

  • it earns 0.25% interest per year ( P250 )
  • the bank withholds 20% tax ( P50 )

After one year you’ll have ONLY P100,200

In the meantime, inflation at 5% will “steal” P5,000 from you, so your buying power will be P95,200.

YOU LOSE P4,800!

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While you wait, inflation is slowly stealing your money and it becomes increasingly difficult for you to reach your financial goals.

During the seminar, we introduced equity mutual funds ( stock market investing made easy ).  They are high yield investment vehicles for long term investment.  Over the long term, they have  compounded annual growth rate of 12 to 18%

If you opt to invest your P100,000 in a high yield equity mutual fund

  • it earns a compounded annual growth per year* of 12%, it will earn P12,000
  • it is TAX FREE,

So you’ll have P112,000, instead of P100,200.

Inflation at 5% will still “steal” P5,000 from you, so your buying power will be P107,000.

YET, YOU GAIN P7,000 value after inflation.

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