Dalawang Kwento – Si Maid at si Shopping Girl

I-Share ko lang sa inyo ang dalawang kwento.
Alam ba ninyo?

Bo's Maid and OFW Wife

Dalawang Kwento – si Gina na maid ni Bo Sanchez at si Shopping Girl (OFW Wife?)

Bo Sanchez’ Maid Loves to Save and Invest!  Nagsimula siya in Feb 2010,

  • May monthly salary: P7,000
  • May monthly savings/investment: P 2,000

Ngayon,  after six years ( maid/bookkeeper na siya! )

  • May investment na siya sa stock market na worth P862,593 ( according to Bro, Bo Sanchez last May 2016)
  • Mas malaki na ang monthly investment niya rin!

Si OFW wife (imaginary person) natuto mag-WORKSHOP.
Si husband nagwo-WORK, si wife, nagsa-SHOP!

  • May monthly salary (from husband): P100,000
  • May monthly savings: ZERO
  • May monthly personal shopping budget: P10,000
  • May ni-re-rent na condo for P20,000
  • May kotseng Fortuner ( on car-loan )
  • May Galaxy tab, iPhone, laptop at maraming pang gadgets (on installment)
  • May P200,000 na utang sa credit card
  • May utang sa SSS, PAGIBIG, company loan, financing loan, cooperative, paluwagan, kamaganak, kapitbahay, atbp.
  • Walang savings or investment.

Tutularan ba natin si Maid mag-save and invest, o si Shopping Girl na mag-shop and spend?

It’s not what you make, it is what you keep!
Do you control your money, or does money control you?

Gusto ba nating mag-Tipid?
Gusto ba nating mag-Ipon?
Gusto ba nating mag-Palago ng pera?
Gusto ba nating mag-Saya pag retire natin??

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*My friend Gina, Bo Sanchez’ maid, is now Bo Sanchez’ bookkeeper. She earns more, she saves more, and she will retire a millionaire. Gina, you are an inspiration to many many people!

Bo Sanchez’ other maid and driver are also saving and investing, and expect to be millionaires too, when they retire!

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