Free Financial Seminar

Do you want to learn about money?
Do you want to invest and access hundreds of financial products?
Do you want to save money and get discounts to real estate, insurance and investment products?
Do you want to make extra income and travel for free?

If so, you need to become a member of IMG to build your future!

Build Your Future!

Take Control of Your Money!

Bring yourself, your family and friends to a FREE Personal Financial Coaching And Financial Literacy Seminar by the IMG – Truly Rich Maker Team.

To register for the seminar in

This is your path to financial freedom! We’re empowering people on money matters!
Become an expert in personal financial management. Budget, save and invest wisely.
Be Financially Fit! Get out of the rat race and start your journey to being Truly Rich!

*IMG-Truly Rich Maker Team will be conducting the seminar, NOT Bo Sanchez

Building Your Future - Taking Control of Your Money

Building Your Future by Taking Control of Your Money is the first step to financial freedom.

Is Money Controlling You? Or Do You Control Your Money?

With the IMG Financial Foundation Educational Program, you will learn how to:

  • Make money work for you
  • Find the exact financial products you  need
  • Spend less money on insurance, real estate and investment products
  • Earn extra income and have the opportunity to travel the world for free

You can become your own Money Manager and learn  the habits of successful people.

Start by attending our FREE Build Your Future – Controlling your Money Seminar.
This is a two part seminar; a one hour lecture/presentation followed by personal financial coaching.

The seminar will discuss:

  • Challenging Future
  • Control Your Future
  • Do You Know How Money Works
  • Do You Know About Savings and Investments?
  • Do You Know About Life Insurance
  • Do You Know About Long Term Health Care
  • Do You Know About the High Cost of Education?
  • Protecting Your Future

After the seminar, you can apply for  IMG membership.

IMG members enjoy many benefits:

  • Lifetime Financial Education Workshop
  • Lifetime Financial Check-up
  • Discount on Major Real Estate
  • Asset Preservation Service
  • ZERO Load on Top Mutual Funds
  • Discounts on Car/Home Insurance
  • Access & Discounts on Life/Health Protection & Services
  • Access to Investment/Retirement Products
  • Build a Business in the Financial Industry
  • Subsidized Travel to Different Countries

Enroll to learn!

Have you ever attended seminars and workshops, and realized after the event, that you needed answers to some questions? Have you ever wished you can attend some seminar segments again, without paying for them again?

IMG members can attend our workshops any number of times, and get answers from the mentors/trainers

  1. Workshop. Increasing Cashflow. Debt Management
    • Analyzing your expenses.
    • Determining your worth.
    • Getting out of debt.
    • Becoming your own money manager.
    • Increasing your cashflow.
  2. Workshop. Building a Strong Financial Foundation. Proper Protection.
    • The X-curve. The law of increasing money and decreasing responsibility.
    • The DIME method.
    • Types of Life Insurance
    • Long term health care
  3. Workshop. Building Wealth. Asset Accumulation.
    • Wealth Formula.
    • The Hidden Cost of Waiting.
    • The Rule of 72. Understanding Interest.
    • Peso Cost Averaging.
    • Mutual Funds.
    • Passive vs. Active Management.
    • Saving for your Children’s Education.
  4. Workshop. Retirement Planning. Wealth Preservation.
    • Retirement Income
    • Estate Planning
    • Asset Preservation
  5. Workshop. Building a Business in the Financial Industry.
    • Do you know what you want?
    • Building a New Industry
    • Solution for the New Age
    • Be Part of Something Big
    • Travel the World!

Attend Seminars, Workshops and Trainings Any Number of Times
IMG members can attend advanced classes any number of times!
IMG has advanced classes for various financial concepts, products and services to enable members to better understand them.

Product Trainings
Learn financial products, industry trends and opportunities from the providers themselves!
We have regular product training for members, from our partner-providers. Learn about:

  • mutual funds, concepts, investment strategies and market trends from Rampver Financials
  • the many advantages of long term healthcare, about the differences of short-term vs long term healthcare, the differences between regular and senior-care short term health protection products from Kaiser International.
  • life insurance, the difference betwee nterm, endowment, whole-life and VUL, IUL insurance from Philamlife.
  • ongoing real estate projects, real estate investment strategies from SMDC, Vista Land, DMCI and Ayala Land.
  • asset preservation, setting up family corporations, maintaining corporations, from APS.
  • many other financial products and services from the other providers.

Enroll to Invest

IMG members have access to hundreds of financial products from IMG’s partner network from the top financial providers in the Philippines, including:

  • PhilamLife
  • Kaiser International
  • Rampver Financials
  • Soldivo Funds
  • PhilAm Asset Management, Inc.
  • PhilEquity Management Inc.
  • ATR Kim Eng Asset Management Inc.
  • Sunlife Financials
  • SM Development Corporation
  • Ayala Land Inc
  • DMCI Homes
  • Vista Land
  • Malayan Insurance
  • Prudential Guarantee
  • and many more

Enroll to Save Money

IMG members save money on selected financial products, such as:

  • discounts on real estate products (SMDC, Ayala Land, DMCI, Vista Land)
  • discounts on life insurance
  • discounts on car, equipment, home and other non-life insurance
  • ZERO sales load on top mutual funds

Enroll to Earn Money and Travel!

IMG members can apply to be business partners and be in the financial industry by sharing and helping Filipino families get financial education.  Partners have the opportunity to travel the world for free!

Learn and Grow!

“I am recommending that you join these Meetings/Seminars in Makati because you will be guided how to grow your finances and become financially free!”

Attend the FREE Seminar

Is IMG for you?

Find out by attending our FREE seminar on how to build your future!
Fill our the form below to attend the seminar in Quezon City, or click one of the links below the form to attend elsewhere.

The seminar will be held at
#2 Timog Ave (corner Quezon Ave)
Quezon City
JIAO Bldg is in front of the Ninoy Aquino Monument, and is along the Fairview-Quiapo jeepney route.
Complete details will be include in the eTicket.

Coach Bobet and Mary Ann

Click here to register for the seminar in

95 thoughts on “Free Financial Seminar

    1. trulyrich Post author

      Hi Analyn,

      I am informed that we will soon open a Dasmarinas, Cavite venue for Financial seminars. I will inform you as soon as it opens.
      We have a tentative event in Noveleta in November. Where is your location?

    1. Bobet Prudente

      Sure! You can bring your spouse too. If you can provide me your details, I can reserve a spot for you. This is a free seminar on practical money management and saving/investing, and we are passionate in teaching fellow Filipinos how to start. We think OFWs and OFW families will be interested in financial education, and we are looking for OFW organizations to partner with. Tell your friends about us too!

      1. Reylan

        I will surely attend if there will be a seminar in Cebu this year. I’m really excited to join the seminar because I have plenty questions about the Truly Rich Club and the stock market.

    1. trulyrich Post author

      Hi Edel,

      Sure, we can go there. Novaliches is a bit far from our base in Makati, but if you can gather 10 to 15 people and provide the venue, let’s schedule a seminar in your place. If possible, send us the general profile of the attendees. I’ll send you an email.


      1. lanie

        where is free seminar held at san mateo? i am from this place. pls mssg me on fb at [ FB address deleted ] …
        thank you so much and god bless.

  1. she

    Hi Sir! Do you have seminar here in san pedro, laguna? I wanted my team to attend this free seminar too. How can i email you? Thank you

    1. Bobet Prudente


      malayo ba kayo sa Calamba? I think there are no seminars in San Pedro. If there will be 15 or more attendees, and you can arrange the venue, we can send a team there to conduct the seminar.

      I’ll send you an email later today


      1. she

        Sir im waiting for your email. Where in Calamba po yan? My team kc came from diff towns of Laguna. Ill just wait for your email. Tnx

  2. Kathleya Corpuz

    Hi, me and my husband registered last tuesday but we have not recieved any confirmation up to this day. We’ve chosen to attend the oct 6, 10am session in halang calamba. Can we attend the seminar even if we don’t have e-ticket! For your advise please 🙂

    1. trulyrich Post author

      unfortunately, we do not have seminars in Ortigas Center. Ortigas in almost in the middle of QC venue near Delta ( Timog Corner Quezon Ave ) and Makati venue (near Makati Medical Center)

    1. trulyrich Post author

      It is best if you register in advance. We conduct the seminars in many venues, normally at fixed schedules. But sometimes, we move the seminar for a city to a different venue on request, e.g. if 20 people from a specific company want to attend, we may opt to conduct the seminar in the company premises.

    1. trulyrich Post author

      Yes we do! We have regular seminars, but if there are 15 or so interested guests, we can conduct special seminars in other venues. We’ve conducted seminars in company meeting rooms, churches, barangay halls, etc. Subject of course to availability of speaker. (no, we have not conducted seminars in hard-to-access areas like Spratlys at Kalayaan islands) Saan ba kayo?

    1. trulyrich Post author

      Hi Aimee,

      Yes, we conduct seminars for companies! Just fill out the same form and indicate in the comments that you’d like us to do it for your company. Please specify name of company and desired venue. If the venue has an LCD projector, that would be great!

  3. Jennifer C. Cañadilla

    Hi just wanna ask about the schedule for February? I’m really interested on this! I have work during weekdays 9:00am-6:00pm. I hope you still have seminar this coming first weekend of February. Thanks!

    1. trulyrich Post author

      No, this is not the same as the TrulyRichClub(TRC), which is a paid membership club which aims to help make all good people rich ( mostly through investments) . The TrulyRichMakers (TRM) on the other hand, is an organization dedicated to fight poverty by providing FREE financial education to all and encouraging insurance protection, passive investments and entrepreneurship.

  4. Kaycee

    Hi! Im currently at Naga and I have 2 friends who wanted to attend on May 9, may I know how can we secure a slot? Many thanks!

    1. trulyrich Post author

      Just register in this same page, choose the Naga event in the “SPECIAL EVENTS: FREE Financial Wellness Seminar” section above.

      1. trulyrich Post author

        We will have a follow-up seminar in Naga on June 27, 2015 at 1pm. Venue to be announced.

    1. trulyrich Post author

      Soldivo mutual funds are currently available to IMG members only.
      Kaiser International is currently the biggest owner of Soldivo funds.

    1. trulyrich Post author

      Nagka-seminar sa San Carlos nung isang buwan. Mag-register po kayo at ilagay ang desired location, para mag-request ng seminar. May plano na mag-karoon ng seminar sa July 2015 sa Pangasinan, pero San Carlos din po yata ang venue.

  5. Allan Mantaring

    It is very good to everyone being financially educated. I recommend this seminar sa ating mga kababayan, it helps a lot in our financial aspect. Aside from that, they teach us how to have multiple income, aside from our active income(salary). When I attend this seminar na realize ko yung maling habits ko, kung bakit sa tagal ko ng nagtrabaho ay wala pa din akong savings sa future ko. Marami akong natutunan sa seminar na to, aside from savings, pati yong goal settings natin sa buhay, ay discuss also in the seminar.

    It is a good opportunity to every one to attend this life changing Money Seminar.

    1. trulyrich Post author

      Maari po mag-request ng seminar, just fill out the registration form and request for one, and we’ll try to find a seminar or coach nearby. Mas maganda kung mag-invite kayo ng kasabay, we may try to schedule special seminars for multiple attendees.

  6. Emmanuel maiwat

    Goodmorning po..madam/sir…panu po ba aq mkkpag patransfer ng seminar?i have schedule on wed. At calamba..mgapalipat po sana aq ng seminar s sn pablo laguna?mgpifill up p rn po b aq ng bngong form o pra s new ticket o pwde q ng gmiting ticket ung ticket s calamba free seminar..?

    1. Bobet Prudente

      mayroon po. regular naman ang schedule. For Makati, it is Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 10am, 2pm and 7pm. Wala pong holiday except Christmas and New Year’s Day 🙂

    1. Bobet Prudente

      Ang free seminar po namin ay para sa lahat, upang matuto mag-tipid, mag-ipon, mag-palago at mag-saya.
      Siempre ang isa sa mga unang payo sa financial literacy, ay increase cash flow, kaya mas gaganahan kayo maghanap ng trabaho makatapos ng seminar 🙂

      1. Rowena Ortiz DELA PENA

        wala po bang babayran sa seminar na ito i realy want to attend i already have a slot but i want to sure if no payment needed
        thank you

        1. Bobet Prudente

          Wala pong babayaran sa seminar na ito. Magsama mo kayo ng friends and family members to attend this seminar on Building Your Future through saving and investing.

          After this seminar, we will invite you to attend up to four weekly workshops for free ( although you have to purchase one workbook to attend all the workshops). The fifth will be for members only.

    1. Bobet Prudente

      Ang seminar sa Quezon City ay sa JIAO Bldg. #2 Timog Ave (corner Quezon Ave, beside Cowboy Grill), in front of Ninoy Aquino Monument, Quezon City.
      JIAO bldg is along the Fairview-Quiapo jeepney route, so it is very convenient to go to.


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